Rangoli designs for diwali

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Hi friends, Diwali is coming very soon. In this post we shall discuss about rangoli designs for diwali. Diwali is the biggest festival in India. The diwali festival also known as “festival of light”

There are long list of traditional practice of diwali festival. cultural side and importance to each day of diwali.

In this post we shall only focus on latest Rangoli designs for diwali 2018

Rangoli design have cultural importance as well as it is the art of home decoration also.

Indian peoples have good sense of art from ancient time, Decorating home by natural things. such as colorful flowers, colorful rangoli sand(powder), Colorful tree leaves etc.

As we already discuss about simple rangoli designs  , you can check in this link.

When diwali is in 2018?

diwali or deepavali festival 2018 is on 7th November 2018. everyone waiting for Diwali festival, right?

diwali festival without rangoli design no one could imagine.

Types of rangoli designs for diwali

i) Rangoli designs for luxmi poojan

Luxmi poojan is one of the important day in diwali festival. On this day we pray goddess laxmi.

On this auspicious day  we draw rangoli design related to goddess laxmi. there are many readymade rangoli design patterns are available.

Rangoli pattern is the best option for girls, for those who say “I am not good at rangoli” But I would recommend you to draw rangoli design with your own hand.

By drawing rangoli with your own, it will give you more satisfaction.

Please check below rangoli designs for diwali 2018

The rangoli design for this day will be dedicated to goddess luxmi. there will be some other symbols which represent luxmi. like elephant, kalash, Luxmi mata ke per (feet) etc.

ii)Rangoli designs for Dhanteras

Dhanteras , name tells about this day. On this day we pray to wealth that we have, we purchase new jewelry etc.

iii) rangoli design for deepavali

Deepavali is the main day in diwali celebration. on this day all home decorated with superb rangoli designs.

Diya on rangoli design.

This is the most common method to decorate rangoli. Diwali is the festival of lights so “DIYA” or “Dipak” lightened everyday. we put diya at the entrance of our house and at many places like one at tulashi plant,etc