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Gulabi fashion is dedicated best fashion blog for girls and women’s fashion. In gulabi fashion you can find posts related to cosmetics, mehndi design images, rangoli images, nail art designs, Rangoli designs, girls fashion tips, Beauty tips, girls fashion dresses, fashion materials, beauty products, cosmetics and many more. Gulabi fashion blog is girls oriented Best fashion blog.


There are different beauty products readily available in the market, but to choose best one among them is challenging task. As every person has different type of skin, like someone have dry skin and someone oily skin. According to our skin type best beauty products and cosmetics should be choose as makeup your beautiful face. Please avoid bad quality cosmetics products to protect and to care your million dollar face. “It doesn’t mean that if it’s expensive then it would be Best” Sometimes inexpensive cosmetics with natural content in it would be great. Natural content cosmetics would never harm your beautiful face, will protect it from pimples, act as sun scream, keeps skin healthy, maintains skin natural elements etc.  You can check gulabi fashion blog for more beauty products.

Mehndi design

Mehndi is the first and primary fashion concept since ancient time and its continuous today. Without mehndi design no one could imagine marriage ceremony. Mehndi have different varieties and quality of mehndi paste. Mehndi also called as henna. henna is the herbal tree from tree leafs mehndi pastes are made. Here in gulabi fashion you can find better tips and mehndi design images.

Nail art designs

Nail art designs are also part of the puzzle of mounting the gender identity. like female, the nails for teenagers and adult women represents a piece of the symbol of what is a woman ? how the woman should present herself ? can you tell something ? Even though the women use nail art to express their womanliness (feminism), the different types of art define as a woman with particular personality with her unique fashion style and fashion designs. Nail art color may also express the nature or the style of nail art designs. For example pink color for nail art represents female symbol, Light color for softness, red color for activeness, black colored nail art designs (aggressive). These are the easy nail art concepts. In gulabi fashion you can find better tips and beautiful nail art designs.

Gulabi fashion blog

Rangoli Designs

Rangoli, a colorful decorative design drawn by women in front of door, this decorative design is made with special type of colored sand. Rangoli have auspicious signs in festival and it’s very popular in India. Rangoli designs represent the theme of the festival such as Diwali Rangoli, New Year Rangoli, Lakshmi poojan Rangoli, Rakshabandhan Rangoli, Ganpati Rangoli etc.There are thousands of unique simple Rangoli designs.

Eye makeup

Makeup is the essential part of women’s or girls  life, Makeup not to just show of but also its important to be confident and helps a lot to build confidence in a person. Eye makeup is like a final touch in face makeup, Eyes plays crucial role in communication when we talk with someone. so to look eyes more attractive and beautiful you can try some eye makeup on your beautiful eyes. Some precautions also need to consider while selecting eye makeup brands. as some of our friends may have allergies or can have infection with some eye makeup. Here (In gulabi fashion) you can find best tips and best products to take care of  your beautiful eyes health.

Fashion and design

Fashion and design , Designers conduct research on latest fashion trends and interpret them for their audience, audience may be different age group, like some products for girls, some products for old women’s. For example there is no point to selling anti aging cream to young girls, right? Their specific designs are used by top manufacturers. This is the essence of a fashion designer’s role; however, there is variation within this that is determined by the buying and merchandising approach, and product quality; for example, budget retailers will use inexpensive fabrics to interpret trends, but high-end retailers will ensure that the best available fabrics, in most of cases best available fabric is expensive as these are limited in market. Here you can check all fashion related information Best fashion blogs.

Ladies footwear

When we look at a person, we look at its foot as well to judge her/his personality, its human behavior. Good looking foot wear always have advantages to match with your personality and with your dress or saree. Generally Matching color foot wear chosen with dress, but should choose shoes, sandles, or sleeper is the main task and choose it wisely.