Paithani blouse back design

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Paithani is the most amazing cultural saree in maharashtrian culture / marathi culture. paithani saree have hundreds of year history and marathi peoples got it in heritage from all their great queens. As we are entering into modern generation the designs/ shades of paithani designs also changing. for example Paithani blouse back design have number of varieties in just back designs.

In the marathi festival seasons all marathi girls & womens like to wear paithani saree to look beautiful and pure marathi.

Marathi peoples are really very cultural and they follow their cultural festivals in a proper way. for example Ganesh festival is the most important festival in india but in maharashtra the way of celebrating ganesh festival is different. In mumbai or in pune ganesh festival is as important as diwali.

Another primary cultural festival for marathi peoples is “Shivjayanti” in this festival you can notice many girls and women’s wearing paithani.



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Paithani blouse back design

As we discussed about paithani Saree blouse designs have different types of designs, generally these are designs are for back side of blouse. Because front side of blouse will be covered by matching Saree so we can keep it simple and comfortable without adding designs and colorful stones on it. Therefore paithani blouse back design and back neck design is important.
Here we shall overlook some paithani blouse back design photos.

blouse neck design

blouse back design

blouse back neck designs

paithani blouse back design



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