I want to be a model

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Apply for modeling to Gulabi fashion

I want to be a model , how many peoples say this ? do you one of them? if yes then your dream can be a reality.

if you really desire to be a successful model, then you must have patience and keep pushing your boundaries to achieve your goal. There are long que standing for the opportunity, who doesn’t want to be famous? everyone right?

Everyone wants to be famous , everyone wants to be known by others, everyone wants to be appreciated by other peoples ………….

its not so easy to make others peoples to like you ! mark this word.

you must have to show them your qualities and abilities. without this no one gonna accept you.

Lets suppose, If you don’t have qualities yet, I am not saying good looking. To build quality personality you have to be open minded. Have to join seminars for fashion designing, fashion concept, be ready to accept new, etc.

Because fashion industry is always new , always changing every time, every decade and every century.

after getting rid of all your barriers.

now its time to get known by yourself or to join modeling agencies, modeling institutes.

modeling magazines are the best way to get featured into their cover page.

Here at gulabifashion.com we shall try to do something for you. We are in fashion industry from long time now, we can approach you to one of fashion designers or modeling agencies to get featured in. We are consistent fashion blogger and updates gulabifashion.com everyday with our fresh content

You just have to fill a simple form and send your portfolio via email at info@gulabifashion.com

we shall do our best to give chance to our readers & the most important to the talent.

Remember , we never ask for any payment for getting featured in a magazine, articles, our social media pages etc. If someone ask you to do such then please inform us regarding this. thank you. see you again !

How to become model ? fill the form to get featured in.