Long hair tips

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Hi, gulabi (pink) girls. Today we shall discuss about the most asked question in girls fashion industry. How to keep long hair? or what are the best long hair tips ? This is common question everybody wants to get answer of it. do you like long hair then what you do to keep these.

Basically everyone’s hair different, as of current lifestyle and health habits. this is the most reason everyone will give when explaining long hair tips.

Most of peoples reported and studies also proved that hair health is depend on food and lifestyle. genetics also a reason. for example your hair can not be compare with African peoples. same like our African friends can not have hairs like western girls. I mean like golden silky. My point is ” It’s your natural gift from god, better to make hairstyle which is suitable to your hair type”. However In this world of fashion  we have different fashions for all type of hairs.

Here we shall discuss about points which will make your hair long.

Long hair tips

Long hair tips can be categorized in two sections. Hair care and hair growth. Please check below and let me know your experience with it. As I want to mention because Hair care is most complex treatment. it takes time so please don’t give up. remember “NEVER EVER GIVE UP” . please aware of using safe cosmetics for your hair care.

hair care tips

what a proper hair care means? as we already discuss hair type is depend on our genetics. But you have to take care of your hairs to make your hair long. the first thing  for Hair care is

i) Clean you hair regularly

This is most important hair care tip, You have to wash your hair at least three times in a week. To clean your hairs you have to use shampoo and conditioner. use anti dandruff  shampoo brand with sister company of your Hair conditioner brand. don’t use too much anti dandruff shampoo as it could make your scalp dry.

I would also recommend you to go for natural home remedy for hair care.

ii) Food and lifestyle

Stress is bad for hair care. now in this world because of lifestyle many peoples suffer from hair fall problems. The main problem of this is unhealthy food and sleep. Good sleep and healthy food can get rid of hair fall. girls have to take proper sleep of 8 hours. If someone have thinner hairs then they should take care more because these types of hair have huge hair fall problem. you shall talk about this in next post.

hair growth tips

In order to make your hair long, you have to make your hair healthier. How we can make hair healthier? look

to grow your hair growth more fast, obviously your hairs should be healthy. You have to make your food habit in order to get rid of unhealthy hair.

as we discussed earlier in food and lifestyle. If you change your food habit and lifestyle. I have one more point to share with you. Girls

Egg is high in protein and beneficial in hair growth. This will be the best home remedy for hair growth . this is my favorite hair growth tips

EGG therapy for hair growth.

Take a egg, add lemon, honey. First pour egg in a bowl, squeeze a lemon into it and add teaspoon of honey into it. stir well and apply this to your hairs from scalp to end of your hairs. this is elixir solution in long hair tips

Allow it to dry (1 hour)

then wash it with water.

Enjoy ! seee you in the next post. bye…!

Inform me your experience in the comment section.